01 Hair Space

Pistoia, Italy - 2010


01 Hair Space is a small work space for a young hair stylist. The program envisaged the creation of a multi-purpose environment in which the main activity could also be used to host photographic exhibitions and other events in order to extend the possibilities of using space beyond conventional working hours. Our answer, once we identified the best distribution of work spaces, was to characterize the space with a white color uniformly applied to all surfaces and furnishings and to create container walls in which to hide all products and work equipment. At sight there are only two counters firmly resting on the ground that functionally organize the space and the various activities. All the walls are crossed by a continuous groove along the perimeter of the environment on which the photographic prints can be hung in a reversible and constantly varied manner. On the occasion of the other events, what appears to be an algid and abstract space becomes a highly expressive and communicative place thanks to the use of devices that can project games of colors, holograms and writings indistinctly on all surfaces, walls, floors and ceilings.