Super Alleggerita (SA-1.4)

- 2010


La leggerezza per me si associa con la precisione e la determinazione, non con la vaghezza e l'abbandono al caso. (Italo Calvino).

The design of the Super Alleggerita chaise longue (SA 1.4) comes from the desire to investigate the potential of the processing of carbon fiber, an articulated and complex process that stems from the combination of craftsmanship and technological research. The concept of Super Alleggerita is aimed at obtaining an object that is able to take full advantage of the characteristics of the composite material through a language aimed at making the craft work and the technical and engineering calculation converge in a sculptural and strongly evocative form. The creative journey from which Super Alleggerita is born is inspired by the gestures and the production techniques of the sartorial tradition. As is the case with the paper pattern on the tailor's table, from which the dress takes shape, so the lines of Super Alleggerita are traced as on the piece of a precious fabric which can be appreciated tactile qualities, texture, lightness and colors. From these free lines, drawn on the plane and reworked in digital form, the cuts of thin layers of fibers are created that are laid, overlapped, crossed and bent manually to give the fabric three-dimensional and spatial quality.

Interiorgta architettura2011