Via Carducci

Pistoia, Italy - 2004


This small apartment located in an old building in the historic center has been renovated with the aim of obtaining the largest living space and the best lighting possible despite the constraints imposed by the small size and the few sources of light available. Space was freed from all the non-structural partitions that divided it into small and cramped rooms. The supporting structures have been sectioned and insulated in order to obtain wings that clearly identify the living spaces dedicated to cooking to converse and rest. The only furnishings present are in fact the heavy dining table, the sofa and the bed all positioned at the center of the areas dedicated to them while all the technical elements and wardrobes are positioned on the two opposing perimeter walls shielded by venetian blinds that can open, close or simply rotate to reveal what they contain. The passage of time is punctuated by the light that from the three windows pervades the spaces and the multiple configurations that the environment can assume in the day simply by changing the position of the curtains for the various needs.