Spazi pubblici - Ex Breda est

Pistoia, Italy - 2007


The program provided for the general arrangement of the free spaces of the ex - Breda Est area, a disused industrial area undergoing redevelopment. The design idea is inspired by the need to create a space capable of mending and connecting the numerous buildings attested along the large central space that represented the axis of connection of the old production plant and at the same time the desire to provide a large area adjacent to the historic center of green spaces. The idea pursues the identity of a public space by providing an architectural macrostructure, a large out-of-scale hedge made according to the dictates of the topiary art that acts as a catalyst element made of vegetation. Within the structure, but in relation to the whole area, are specific destinations, based on leisure facilities, such as info-point, bicycle rental and parking, refreshment points, botanical theme park with educational imprint.