Dehor- Piazza dell'Ortaggio

Pistoia, Italy - 2008


This project concerns the construction of a small temporary pavilion, a dehor for a restaurant in one of the oldest squares in the historic center of the city. The concept reads the settlement character of the context in which the structure is to be inserted, relating the particular walled context and all the architectural elements and not that over time have configured the area as a kind of domestic space: an interior urban, an architectural continuity stratified in history, where they find place, establishing relationships and triggering new relationships, decorative objects such as fountains, stone benches with their roofs, votive niches, a sort of medium between the urban scale of the context and the human one of the citizen that context lives. A new piece of furniture made of metal and covered with panels of laser-cut white sheet according to a design borrowed from the art of embroidery typical of Pistoia, a furnishing, a lantern covered with a lace crochet. The new volume of light, candid, impalpable daytime at night is dematerialized in pure light that softly illuminates the square.