Le Fonti - Piazza pubblica

Monte San Savino (AR), Italy - 2008


Costruire significa collaborare con la terra, imprimere il segno dell'uomo su un paesaggio che ne resterà modificato per sempre, contribuire a quella lenta trasformazione che è la vita stessa delle città. (Marguerite Yourcenar, Mémoires d'Hadrien)

The project to redraw a fringe area for public use located in the first outskirts of the historic village of Monte San Savino is conducted with the aim of giving meaning to an area of argin typical of expansions beyond the established boundaries of our urban centers. Key elements of design are the Wall and the Forest taken as formal archetypes of duality between the built territory, the known world, familiar and protective, full of signs and meanings of the walled city and the unknown, the territory to explore, travel and know what of the natural and uncontaminated landscape, of the chaos to give order and meaning. The new space will therefore be characterized by the presence of a decided horizontal sign, a corten steel wall, located along the two free sides of the square, which is frayed, creating visual glimpses towards the inside and which bends and shapes until it becomes a portico. protection of the pedestrian path and spaces for rest and socialization. The forest that organizes the floor design of the paving of the square is evoked by the street lamps / tree, also made of corten steel, which with their verticality are a counterpoint to the strong horizontal sign and generator of the wall.