Social housing - Progetto Betania

Pistoia, Italy - 2009


The project, located inside a large disused industrial area and undergoing renovation at the gates of the historic center of the city, involves the construction of a solidarity condominium, called Project Betania, consisting of 9 housing for senior users supported by space for collective and public fruition activities. The building seeks a relationship with the surrounding buildings, characterized by a minute dimensional scale, so as to give life to a unique setting, with an urban atmosphere, more domestic and welcoming, compared to the other buildings around it with a much larger scale ; the area of ntervention is delimited by a perimeter of pertinence that is characterized, even architecturally, as a filtering and non-separating element, and admits both visual and perceptive continuity of the activities that take place on both sides, reinforcing in this way also the most strictly urban value of the intervention. The central distribution space that connects the various buildings is characterized by large translucent and glazed surfaces that allow the view of the green spaces outside and at the same time admit a wide natural lighting in the central area of he building, a real meeting space, relationship and socialization as well as the heart of the solidarity building.